Batteries may be purchased in our office, by mail or by telephone (860)426-9181. Batteries are $10.00 for an 8-pack. We also have a Battery Club that you can join by depositing $80.00 in your account. You receive two packages of batteries FREE. Eight additional packs are mailed to you whenever you call us (no charge for postage). You will no longer need to mail in battery club cards. We’ll keep track of everything. You will receive 10 packs for the price of 8. There is no need to write a check every time you need batteries and you’ll save travel time too!


Batteries used today are zinc-air batteries. Thatdownload (3) means they are activated by air. The next time you change your batteries, pull the tabs off and let them sit a minute or so before you place them in your hearing aids. This allows the air to activate the batteries and improves battery life!