sunshine_logo_fullDuring the summer months when it is hot and humid, it is important to keep hearing aids clean and DRY!

Moisture in a hearing aid can drastically affect its functionality. Most hearing aid repairs result from moisture and earwax accumulating in the hearing aid……both of which are preventable. It is important to clean your aids every day. Your audiologist will instruct you on how to clean your particular style of aid. It is also important to schedule maintenance visits twice a year so the instruments can be cleaned more thoroughly than can be done at home.

The best way to keep aids dry is to purchase a Dri-Aid kit. By placing your aids in a Dri-Aid kit every night, (especially during periods of elevated humidity), your aids will be dry and ready for use every morning.

Hearing aids are difficult to keep dry for many reasons, the most important is that they are almost sealed containers. Moisture gets inside the hearing aid through condensation, caused by temperature changes such as entering an air conditioned room after being in warm outside air. If you add perspiration and cerumen (ear wax) to the mix, it is easy to see why some hearing aid users have chronic – and aggravating moisture-related issues.