Founded by William F. Austin in 1984, Starkey Hearing Foundation conducts hearing missions in the United States and around the globe to bring the gift of hearing to those who would otherwise live in the isolation of a silent world.

Built on Austin’s vision, “So the World May Hear,” the Foundation fits more than 100,000 hearing aids annually to children and adults through global hearing missions and the daily efforts of its domestic Hear Now program. As a member of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Foundation has pledged to fit more than 1 million hearing aids to people in need this decade.

The gift of hearing opens up a whole new world of opportunity. It connects individuals to life and helps them realize they can accomplish more than they ever thought possible. Hearing aids are important tools, but the Foundation really strives to empower the people it helps toward a better life and leave them with the knowledge that they too can improve the lives of others.

Hearing aids help bridge the gap at school, work and life for children and adults with hearing loss. The Foundation works closely with strategic partners

such as national and regional health leaders, schools, and non-governmental organizations in each community, bringing help to those who may have never seen a doctor for their hearing problem.

Using the time and talents of volunteers from the hearing health community, the Foundation recruits, trains and incentivizes local volunteers to ensure the long-term success of each program.

These community-based programs instill ownership of local hearing health services, ensuring that hearing aid recipients will enjoy the gift of hearing throughout their lives.

Hearing Health & Wellness Center proudly supports the Starkey Hearing Foundation. If you would like to support the Foundation’s work and help provide the gift of hearing in the United States and beyond, there are countless ways to make an impact.

If you or any family members have any hearing instruments that are no longer being used, please consider donating them to The Starkey Foundation. Donations may be dropped off at Hearing Health & Wellness Center and will be forwarded to the Foundation. For more ways to get involved, please visit their website at