Technology Improves Lives of the Hearing Impaired

As we age it is normal that we experience some degree of hearing loss. It is also normal that we avoid technology that we find overwhelming. However, hearing loss and its connection to advanced technology is here to stay and improving every day. Hearing aid manufacturers are now using wireless and bluetooth technology, allowing hearing aid users greater connectivity to the world around them. Reports show that one of the main causes for depression among seniors is isolation. Seniors with hearing loss who forego hearing instruments or those wearing outdated or inappropriate instruments can easily distance themselves from family and friends. Bluetooth streaming units worn by hearing aid users wearing compatible hearing aids can now wirelessly connect to cell phones, landline phones, computers, televisions, iPods and iPads. Streaming telephone conversations to both hearing aids increases the users intelligibility because they hear the conversation through both ears. If your telephone rings while you are watching television, a simple press of a button now connects you to your phone while lowering the volume on your television…again improving speech intelligibility. A second button press brings you right back to your television program, without ever getting out of your chair.

Technology improves our ability to stay connected as a society and hearing care professionConnectline_Group Shot_Low Res Img (1)als can assure that people with hearing loss will not be left behind!