Stop! Don’t Treat Ear Wax Without A Professional

January 25, 2017



So your ears have a little extra wax—it’s gross and you want to clean it out—what do you do?  Well if you happen to be shopping, the first thing that could come to your mind may be to buy cotton swabs. You may have also heard of something called ear candling which involves using heat to melt out the ear wax. Well according to health professionals, you may not want to do either of these. A recent Reuters health news article addresses how important it is to visit with a health professional about removing ear wax rather than attempting to take care of it yourself. According to the article, attempting methods of cleaning out earwax at home is potentially dangerous.

“Scratching of the ear canal skin can lead to pain and infection … Sometimes they just push the wax in further, and there also is the potential for damage to the ear drum.”

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The best thing you can do at home to keep your ears clean is to apply a damp cloth to the area around the ear canal—never inside. The inside of your ears is a fragile place, and the consequences of damaging your hearing isn’t worth the risk. If you find that you are experiencing too much ear wax, the best thing you can do is reach out to a hearing or healthcare professional.