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Hearing Tests

Why Do I Need a Hearing Test?

Before any treatment plan for hearing loss can be developed, you must undergo a series of hearing tests. These tests are conducted to determine which type of hearing loss you have, and the severity of the problem. Your evaluation will include:
  • Looking inside your ears with an otoscope to see if there is ear wax obstructing your canal
  • Testing the “threshold” at which you can hear various frequencies of sounds
  • Determining the level at which you can detect and understand speech
  • And a test to determine how well you hear in a noisy environment.
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Based on the results from the testing, as well as an examination of your lifestyle to determine if there are any other contributing factors to your hearing loss, Dr.Vasile will then develop a treatment plan with you. Results may show that hearing aids would be the best option for your hearing challenges. In that case, Hearing Health & Wellness Center offers many top options for hearing aids.

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